We the Democratised Transport Logistics and Allied Workers Union (DETAWU) are appalled and furious just like any sensible law abiding citizen would be after reading one of the scariest corruption expose in the new democratic dispensation as contained in the VBS Mutual Bank forensic report.

We noted with a great sense of relief and vindication that SATAWU officials are once again implicated in facilitating corruption deals against the working class and against the very same workers they claim to represent at Prasa.

We were absolute sure that the VBS forensic investigation report will undoubtedly implicate SATAWU based on their known public stance on corruption at Prasa and their unconditional love and unholy support to the previous Prasa CEO.

We have not forgotten that just recently it was the same SATAWU which mobilised its members and stage a huge protest against the Transport Minister in defence of disgraced Mr Lucky Montana.

We firmly believe that the SATAWU officials who are mentioned on the report are very senior leaders within the Union with high level of authority. It could not have been just any officials pulling the strings, more so when we consider the nefarious facilitation manoeuvring role to be played and the amount of money at play, this role could only be executed by someone with high level authority in SATAWU.

This comes out when the SATAWU 58 million scandal is still fresh in our minds. Clearly a leopard never changes its spots.

We call upon the Law enforcement agencies to follow the matter and take the investigation to a next level. Consequently we expect the police to effect arrest on those implicated in corruption and money laundering, including the so called SATAWU officials.

We once more call upon the Minister of Police to ensure that Police dig deeper on the mysterious but clearly planned assassination of comrade Christopher Nkosi as well as the bombing of our late President June Dube’s house on the very same fateful night when comrade Christopher was assassinated.

It is a bizarre to say the least that it has taken almost four years now since his (Christopher Nkosi) assassination for the Police to establish just a hint which may lead to the arrest of those responsible for his death.

We are extremely concerned that if there are no arrests in all these glaring VBS shenanigans South Africa is bordering on becoming another failed African State and a banana Republic.

We call upon the State to rise and take its rightful place in defence of its citizens against the predator elite, increasing mafia style and the connected individuals.

Statement issued by the Union General secretary Vusi Ntshangase, 083 536 0547/011 338 9077/8.