Retirement benefit

As a union we have decided to recognise and reward loyalty and long term relationships.

We are offering a R5000.00 once off retirement benefit to a member upon retirement from employment.

This benefit is offered to all individual members who go on retirement after the completion of a five (5) years unbroken membership status with the union.

We are serious about building long term relationship with our members through providing quality service and defend/fight against any form of unfair dismissals including retrenchments which may undermine this benefit.

Join DETAWU now and enjoy your R5000.00 later.

Why Detawu

The union was formed at its inaugural launching Congress on 24 September 2015 at Pretoria. The Congress was blessed by the attendance of comrades from five (5) Provinces of the Republic of South Africa.


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5th Floor, Office Number 09-12
Gauteng, South Africa
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