Detawu Press 5th December 2017


The Democratised Transport Logistics and Allied Workers Union (DETAWU) has won its case against PRASA in the Western Cape for keeping some employees under fixed term contracts since 2012.

DETAWU is delighted to have secured permanent employment for 16 employees who amongst others, have been frustrated by PRASA despite the coming into effect of the LRA amendments in 2015.

The Arbitration award by the CCMA has directed this state-owned enterprise to change the employment status of these workers into fulltime employees. As DETAWU, we are appalled by the disgraceful act of this organisation which ought to lead by example by complying with the Labour Relations Act.

Our decision to take up the struggle on behalf of the workers was to ensure that our members are liberated from the miseries they have been experiencing in the hands of their employer. Although PRASA continues to trample on the right of members to join the union of their free choice, we have unapologetically taken up the battle on behalf of our members. This is despite the fact that there are other recognised Unions who are fully aware of the atrocities against workers and do not act by resolving such horrendous conditions.

This is one of possible many battles that we will wage against Prasa, because we have learnt that there are many other workers who are still going through the same unfair treatment.

We expect PRASA to fully comply with the CCMA directive without further delays.

Statement issued by the DETAWU’s General Secretary Vusi Ntshangase, 083 536 0547/011 338 9077/8