DETAWU has been registered with the Department of Labour

Democratized Transport Logistics and Allied Workers Union (DETAWU) would like to confirm that after some length hustle and hurdles with the Department of Lobour our union has eventually been successful registered on 14 December 2015.

The registration of DETAWU surely closes the old chapter of uncertainty amongst our members and potential members. It brings a new era of hope and comfort amongst our members, this is another defining moment in the life history of the union.

Our member’s joyous feeling of belonging to a registered, transparent, legitimate and democratic trade union of their choice is unmeasurable.

Now that we are successfully registered we would like to call upon all workers in all the sectors we ought to be organizing to join DETAWU and be guaranteed of transparency, be guaranteed of accountability, be guaranteed of quality service and be guaranteed of internal democracy without fear of being sidelined, dismissed, purged and to an extent even killed.

We know it on good authority that our detractors were hell-bent to have our trade union not registered for fear of fierce completion but unfortunately they were just incapable to block us because we did everything by the book.

We know very well that the DOL certificate alone means absolutely nothing without members joining the union hence we call upon all our volunteers and all those who opted to remain anonymous pending the registration to come out and be at the forefront of the recruitment campaign.

We want to remind our members and potential members that it is only when they are organized under properly managed, well controlled and revolutionary trade union like DETAWU that they can be able to wage legitimate battles against their bosses.

Statement issued by the union General Secretary, Vusi Ntshangase and for more information you may contact him at (011) 338 9077/8 or 083 536 0547