Profile of Nigel Fortune

Profile of Deputy President Nigel Fortune

Detawu Deputy President Comrade Nigel Fortune was born on the 22nd January 1968 in Cape Town, Western Cape Province. He is a married man blessed with two children and also a church leader (New Apostolic Church).

After his high school years he was forced to go seek employment and got first employed at Western Tanning a leather Industry firm, it is where he was elected as a Shop steward of SACTU, a Trade that was organising under textile Industry. He then left textile industry and find work in the retail sector. He was also elected as a Shop steward and we were organised under SACCAWU.

After few years he had to seek employment again, he then got employed at Hugenote Tollgate in Paarl, where he is still currently employed. He was elected as Shop steward as well under SATAWU at the time.

Later on Comrades elected him as the Chairperson of Boland local a position he held until he voluntarily left the organisation due to political reasons. He consciously joined Detawu when it was formed in 2015. He was elected as a Detawu Shop steward at his workplace in 2016, and then was elected as Western Cape Acting in 2017. In the CEC of December 2018 he was elected as the Deputy President of Detawu.

Why Detawu

The union was formed at its inaugural launching Congress on 24 September 2015 at Pretoria. The Congress was blessed by the attendance of comrades from five (5) Provinces of the Republic of South Africa.


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