The most democratic union in South Africa

We are a single global partnership united by a strong set of values, focused on client impact and long term success.

The union was formed at its inaugural launching Congress on 24 September 2015 at Pretoria. The Congress was blessed by the attendance of comrades from five (5) Provinces of the Republic of South Africa which served as a great indicator and an inspiration on the need to move with speed to form the union.

The decision to form the union was not easily arrived at, it took us countless revolutionary soul searching amongst very many comrades from different Provinces and Sectors. It involved elaborate consultative engagements formal and informal.

DETAWU was formed based on the below guiding principles informed by our past bitter experiences in our previous union/s.

  • (a) Committed to enhance and preserve internal democracy
  • (b) Committed to maintenance of transparency and accountability of leaders and shop stewards.
  • (c) Committed to enhance and preserve worker control to ensure that the union remains in the hands of its members.
  • (d) Committed to fight and defeat corruption inside and outside the union

At our launching congress DETAWU elected the following individuals to lead and take the union forward through tumultuous periods.

  • President - Reuben Tjatjai
  • Deputy President - Nigel Fortune
  • National Treasurer - Nosiphiwo Mdingi
  • General Secretary - Vusi Ntshangase
  • D/General Secretary - Gloria Luzipo

DETAWU pushed the political stakes very high and demonstrated its clarity on gender imperatives in the working class struggles as a major societal problem in that on its formation it elected two (2) female comrades to serve within the collective and elected a female to serve as the union Deputy General Secretary.

From the inception DETAWU has described and continue to describe herself as the most democratic, progressive, revolutionary, militant and transformative trade union.

We regard ourselves as the strategic key role player in pushing back the frontiers of poverty and inequalities in the workplaces and in our communities at large.

We know very well that all these characteristics shall not be earned through podium declarations and pronouncements but could be earned by driving clear transformative revolutionary campaigns and by fighting for an equitable redistribution of the economy and genuine economic empowerment of workers.

DETAWU is a trade union that organises in the below stated sectors of our economy

  • (a) Road freight
  • (b) Cleaning
  • (c) Toll gates
  • (d) Security
  • (e) Rail
  • (f) Civil Aviation
  • (g) Road Passenger
  • (h) Maritime
  • (i) Hospitality
  • (j) Construction retail
  • (k) Laundry & dry cleaning
  • (l) Funeral undertaking
  • (m) Travel agencies

We have started a journey which the leadership and members committed to pursue to its logic conclusion in class terms.

Our journey is about to make a substantial meaningful contribution to change the working conditions of our members as well as the living conditions of our members.

Our journey is about organizing the unorganized workers and organized all those who belong to unions who have been swallowed by capital and tamed to become sweethearts unions.

DETAWU shall forever fight side by side with all the progressive forces, all those who subscribe to our ideological path. We dare don’t falter.

We are our own liberators!

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