08-09 September 2018 Lekgotla declarations

We the leaders, shop stewards and officials of DETAWU coming from the length and breadth of our country have met for two full days at Kopanong Hotel and Conference centre in Benoni, Gauteng Province from 08-09 September 2018.

We characterise this event as one of our momentous moments and a very successful Lekgotla.

We met under the theme

‘do not follow where the path may lead go instead where there is no path and leave a trail, each shop steward an organiser and each organiser an educator. Failure is not an option, success is inevitable.

This theme correctly resonated within our challenges and it correctly captured our sentiments and temperaments as it finds expression throughout the summit resolutions.

Having been extensively exposed to the glaring Union weaknesses, challenges and strengths we are undoubtedly emerging from this Lekgotla more revived, more energised, more focused, more inspired and ready for any eventuality, we are combatant ready.

The Lekgotla observed a moment of silence in honour of all the workers who perished in the line of duty and extended its heartfelt condolences to the bereavement families of all the working class victims who continue to die in all sectors of the economy as a result of the greedy capitalism system and negligent by management as a result of pushing profit margins and relegating safety issues low on the radar.

We rightful declare that battle lines are drawn on the sand between us and those who are opposed to Detawu’s growth and prosperity.

We put it plainly that those who wish us away shall not succeed and their wishes will continue to be dead wishes, including those employers who are dodging the laws and continue to perpetuate exploitation and abuse. From here henceforth we shall be facing them head on one by one.

We declare that our first target shall be those unrepented employers who deduct subscriptions from our members and not pay over to the Union as required by law, those shall be made to run, and they must pay back our money or be ready for the unpleasant repercussions.

Our National membership department, shop stewards and Provincial offices are more than ready to ensure that this battle against stubborn employers is won.

We leave here oozing with confidence and we fill very strong that never ever before in the life of DETAWU has it been that the birth and existence of Detawu been so significant and relevant as it has been discovered in this Lekgotla.

We are completely overwhelmed and rejuvenated by the absolute new sense of urgency and belonging which has been discovered during the past two days, what a good forecast.

We are delighted by the fact that our organisation, Detawu against all odds has taken a huge lip forward despite that she is still going through here infant stage and facing the many turbulences.

We are happy to state that the birth of Detawu could not be ignored both by our lovers and haters due to the countless major victories we have already scored on behalf of our proud members in the short moment of our existence.

We have got not doubts in our minds that we leave here today more united, more determined and so resolute to do all within our means to leave no stone unturned and ensure that Detawu grows both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We declare that anyone who wishes to stand on our way shall be politically crashed and viciously dealt with.

As much as we are recruiting all members in our scope but we have now come to a renewed decision that our targeted membership base is SATAWU membership given DETAWU’s unhidden historic background and what prompted Detawu’ s formation.

We feel very strong that this Lekgotla could not have come at an appropriate time like now given the volcanic implosion at SATAWU which seems to be deepening daily. We characterise Satawu’s implosion as a crisis and a bomb waiting to explode.

This presents a fertile ground and a life time opportunity for DETAWU to rise and shine. We shall cease the moment.

We rightfully claim that history places us as the primary motive force of Satawu’s demise. This moment should be our moment, and we declare it a moment of growth.

We concede that we have for far too long left things to the few individuals in the Union, we now fully declare that we shall as from tomorrow all of us hit the ground running and be at the forefront in all the Union recruitment work.

We declare that we shall move from factory to factory, gate to gate, shop to shop, truck stop to truck stop, mine shaft to mine shaft looking for new members.

We henceforth declare and decree operation Detawu recruitment Wednesday from henceforth till to the end of the first quota of 2019 which will entails officials, office Bearers, shop stewards and staff direct involvement on physical recruitment.

We declare that each province will on a rotational basis release a pool of shop stewards to participate on a recruitment drive campaign dubbed operation Detawu recruitment Wednesday. This will include scaled down Union office administration as in most instances even staff will be from time to time required to partake on the campaign. By this we are demonstrating that ours is not a paper commitment but we are taking everything to the street.

In the same vain we pledge to improve and better coordinate our strategies when recruiting National companies.

Our commitment to change the status quo can never be over emphasised and this, it is no longer questionable and we declare that we want to build a fighting DETAWU, a campaigning Union and a self-sustenance Union, a Union that cares.

We derived this from the fact that the strength of any Trade Union is in numbers, so is DETAWU’s strength.

We know very well that the more the merrier and the bigger the better. We need numbers to drive campaigns, we need numbers to be sustainable and we need numbers to bring about a revolutionary change.

We have had 4 different vibrant commissions wherein we spent almost a full day in commissions and as we depart we are more than convinced that we have thoroughly reflected on both our strengths and weaknesses.

After a deep self-introspection we concluded that we urgently seek to hegemonize our influence in all strategic key sites of power.

Having done that we therefore declare that,

  • We shall strive for an urgent admission in the Road freight Industry Bargaining Council
  • We shall strive for an urgent admission in the Bus Industry Bargaining Council.
  • We want to cement our weak position in the Security Industry Bargaining Council.
  • We shall do all possible improve the quality of service to members
  • We shall strive to reach 25 000 paid up membership before the end of the first quota of 2019.
  • Our medium target is to reach at least 50 000 paid up membership before the end of year 2019.
  • We shall work as individuals in small, medium and big units to ensure that our targets are achieved.
  • We direct Head office and Provinces to work very hard to improve the Union revenue collection ability by chasing behind all employers who deduct subscriptions from our members hard earned salaries and not pay over to Union.
  • We together with our constituencies shall henceforth occupy all the social media platforms to market Detawu brand and advance our hard earned victories.
  • We shall strive to negotiate and conclude full time shop stewards agreements where possible in order to build a bigger pool of human resources capital.

We fully recognise that for all these commitments to happen, political will alone shall not be sufficient instead we shall have to double up our efforts and our commitment.

We shall no longer lead from the back but be at forefront in all the Lekgotla undertakings, this we shall do!!!

Sithi mawasuk’ endleni amagqwirha, here we come with a no compromise attitude and spirit!!!

We call upon all Provinces to do progressive self-assessment on the Lekgotla resolutions on regular basis.

It is inherently expected that Head Office will from time to time analyse and evaluate the impact thereof including physical intervention in Provinces where needed, from the past experience we can no longer leave things for chance.

We declare for all to know that we will spare neither effort nor energy for this summit’s resolutions to be realised.

We are fearless and determined, for us failure is not an option and success is guaranteed.

Amandla!!!! Viva Detawu viva!!! Down with capitalism down, forward to socialism forward.